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About Our Coffee and Espresso

Proudly Offering Aroma Coffee of Santa Fe

Ecco is proud to offer our customers coffees from Aroma of Santa Fe, a certified organic roaster.

Organic Fair Trade Beans

Aroma's fine roasts begin with the selection of exceptional beans from around the world. Their beans are Arabica – the highest quality, most flavorful beans – and almost entirely from high altitude, shade grown coffee trees. Shade grown coffee contributes to maintaining healthy eco-systems by allowing natural bird habitats to flourish. Not only does it provide a home for hundreds of species of migratory birds, but as the natural predators of pests who can kill a coffee crop, protecting the birds' habitats also eliminates the need for chemical pesticides that can be toxic.

Roasting Style

Aroma’s roasting style has its origins in the North Beach area of San Francisco. They roast dark to bring out the full flavor of the coffee without imposing the burnt flavor of over-roasting which is trendy and masks the use of cheap beans. The quality of Aroma speaks for itself.