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About Our Gelato

Local and Organic Ingredients

At Ecco, we think about what we are buying, and how our decisions impact our community and the environment. Our goal is to use as much local and and organic product as possible. When all items cannot be sourced within the 505, we try to buy produce from neighboring states, and prefer our local Co-op to the big-box stores. Low price and convenience are never our determining factors in our purchasing decisions

Fresh, Natural and Authentic

At Ecco, we do not use powders, corn syrup, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, dry mixes or any other such fake junk. We believe in using fresh, natural, quality ingredients (local and organic when possible) and authentic processes to make the highest quality gelato possible. This philosophy extends to our espresso and other food as well, with a commitment to quality in everything we serve.

The overall quality of our product is directly linked to the quality of ingredients we use.

Gelato Making Tradition

Proprietor Matt Durkovich originally learned the ins-and-outs of Italian gelato-making from Luciano Ferrari, a longtime Italian gelato-maker now associated with Catta Briggia (the leading gelato equipment maker in Italy and Europe). Mr. Durkovich later traveled on a gelato-odyssey along the central and north coasts of Italy, to visit some of the regions best Gelateria's and to learn as much as he could of the authentic gelato-makers craft. His stops included the most famous Gelaterias in Rome, Florence and Milan, as well as several days apprenticing at Il Gran Tritone, a well respected Gelateria and Restuarant in Sestri Levante, along Italy's northern coast.

Ecco is proud to bring this authentic gelato-making tradition to New Mexico and to blend it with new and exotic ingredients to create our unique brand of Gelato.